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PA lawmakers weigh in on NY proposal to introduce social media checks for gun permits

Should law enforcement be allowed to check a person’s social media posts as part of background checks when purchasing handguns? New York state is considering that possibility and the bill is sparking a new gun control debate across the country.

New York State Senator Kevin Parker’s bill would require people trying to purchase a handgun to turn over login information to allow law enforcement to look at three year’s worth of social media postings. Licenses could be denied if investigators uncover threats of violence, terrorism, or racial or ethic slurs.

Pennsylvania State Senator John Yudichak from Luzerne County does not support the bill. He does not believe a similar bill would ever see the light of day in the Keystone State.

“It sounds like a good idea, but if you look hard at the issue it’s invasive, it’s impractical and almost impossible to execute,” Senator Yudichak said.