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Big Tech, Universities, Media are Enemies of Freedom

As American schools and colleges descend into absolute madness, the world will soon be under the control of the children of Marx or satan, whatever you want to call he/she/it; bred in a police state of captivity and virtual reality, without morals, without conscience, forced to worship the state as a god, without a heart or soul of any kind; wanting everything and attaining nothing. Having no real knowledge while professing themselves wise, not knowing who or what they are. LGBTQ the only path to glory!

But These are the children of iniquity, the foundation of your Marxist ‘transhumanism,’ raised in a post-911 world that everyone went along with and agreed to and that no one stopped. How else do you explain that 90% of millennials view Barrack Obama as the greatest American president and fully support baby killing?
Should we not put these Marxist “educators” to death as we did in Iraq in 2003? Oh, yes indeed, we did kill every teacher and college professor in Iraq immediately upon invasion in 2003. The “intelligentsia” had to be eliminated. And we further looted every store and museum, confiscated all Iraqi Banks and institutions, converting everything they formerly owned into a property of the US Corporation/Haliburton/Blackwater USA, Inc. The generational gulf is the widest ever observed in history yet the only thing the elders seems to care about is some ss check in the mail????? You have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind of corruption. Happy New Year Not.