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Facebook is the least trusted tech company followed by Twitter, Amazon: Survey

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has become the platform people trust the least.

According to a survey, which was conducted in December 2018 by research company Toluna, 40 percent of respondents said they trust Facebook the least with their personal information. The sample size was of 1,000 people. The results were published by Recode.

Following Facebook, was Twitter with a large margin. Twitter stood second with lack of trust from eight percent of the respondents. Amazon also showed similar results as Twitter, a lack of trust from about eight percent of the people. Amazon, as we know took heat for supplying its own flawed facial recognition service to law enforcement agencies.

The most trusted of all was Netflix, as only 0.9 percent of people chose it for the lack of trust, followed by Tesla at 1.3 percent.

Microsoft and Apple did well, as only four percent of the respondents expressed lack of trust in Apple and just two percent of them in Microsoft.