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2019 Will Be The Year Of The Prepper – With Civil Unrest Events On The Rise And Wars On The Horizon, Surviving A SHTF Event Should Be A Priority For Everyone

Any number of events could force Americans to live without the ability to head to the store and pick up dinner or even basics like toilet paper, from a massive weather system knocking out electricity in your geographical area to a terrorist attack, or even just a natural solar event such as the Carrington Event of 1859, but as we head into 2019, we also note other events that could force Americans into survival mode.

One does not have to look at the recent events in France with the Yellow Vest movement, and mass civil unrest that went on for weeks, when we can look into our own backyards, so to speak, such as the out-of-control Antifa groups turning Portland, Oregon into a jungle of lawlessness on a regular basis, (Also Seattle!) to see that tensions are high in America, and the potential of an extended period of civil unrest on a massive scale is more than just a possibility.

Externally we are noting the situations in Syria, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, any of of which, if the Deep State and the warmongers in the U.S. congress have their way, will lead to global tensions and outright war.

Internally it is even worse for Americans, with the establishment media doing everything in their power to constantly manufacture outrage and violence, liberals in congress trying their hardest to cause a civil war by screaming impeachment at every turn, Democrat politicians stoking their bases liberal anger at anyone that disagree with them, while encouraging outright physical confrontation, and then throw the Antifa groups into the mix, and we see the potential for mass civil unrest coming in 2019.

My analogy is that this is like playing with matches while standing in a puddle of gasoline……eventually something is going to blow.

That is the bad news….. the good news is, whether it is an external event, a solar event, war, or economic collapse, terrorist attack, or mass civil unrest, the best shot at survival for Americans is to be prepared for the worst, so anything less than that is something that you can survive. If we are prepared to the best of our ability, than there truly is nothing to fear.


ANP does not sell survival foods or gear, although we see nothing wrong with those that see the demand and offer the supply, we are a capitalist society after all. I note that we do not offer those items personally to point out we do not profit off of encouraging folks to prepare, we simply believe that heading into 2019, preparation is needed now more than ever.

We have written a number of prepping articles and absolutely love how readers share their tips, ideas, favorite prepping websites and videos, in order to help each other learn little tricks and habits that should become second nature in order to be ready in the proverbial SHTF scenario, but we also note that for many the typical “prepper” tips don’t apply due to their personal situations.

Urban Prepping: For example, some do not have a place they can bug out to and live in the city, so they have limited room for stockpiles, or no gardening spaces, but there are a number of websites that deal specifically with “Urban Prepping,” or learning to grow items insides their apartments or homes, even during winter months.

The website BePrepared has some excellent ideas for “Prepping in and Urban Setting,” such as unique ideas for those with limited space, such as beds or ottomans with built-in storage spaces, or how to utilize your closet space to stockpile more items, and even how to use some of your stored supplies as furniture, like 5-gallon buckets full of survival food as a little side table.

Other websites that address Urban Prepping are: City Prepping, (they have a YouTube channel as well with tips and ideas), Backdoor Survival, The Prepper Journal, Off The Grid News, Urban Survival Site, Happy Preppers, and Skilled Survival.