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Bizarre Real Encounters with Fairy Tale Creatures

Amongst the many alleged monsters, creatures, phantoms, beasts, and assorted entities within the world of the weird are often those that stand out as being particularly bizarre. These are the creatures that seem to occupy their own realm of high strangeness, lying out on the dark fringes of the unexplained in a territory inhabited by things that that defy easy classification. Surely to be counted among the denizens of this domain are the various creatures allegedly encountered all over the world that can only really be described as being actual beings from fairy tales, as if they have stepped off the page and into the real world. How can his be? Are fairy tales based on these real entities? Are they the product of fanciful imaginations? I do not intend to get too far into the how or why of such things here, but what I am going to do is present to you some damn strange cases of seemingly fairy tale beasts and beings that have wandered in from the furthest reaches of the fringes of the universe of the strange.

One of the most prolific and widely reported types of fairy tale creature encounters concerns gnomes and other assorted little people, and there is actually a surprisingly large number of such sightings from all over the world. In many of these cases, the term “gnome” isn’t even a nickname just given to some unidentified small humanoid, but rather denotes a literal gnome straight out of a fairy tale, complete with caps, boots, and gnomish clothes. One bizarre report comes from a witness who had just moved to Puerto Rico with his mother when he was 17 years old. He claimed that one day he had gone to take a shower and suddenly heard the family dog frantically barking at something outside. It seemed that the dog was quite worked up and upset over something, so the witness got out of the shower to go take a look out the window, where he saw something far weirder than what he had perhaps been expecting.

There in the yard lurking behind a tree was what the witness described as a diminutive man dressed completely in white, and complete with a white cone-shaped hat and white, pointed shoes. The odd little man apparently stared at the witness for a moment and proceeded to vanish into thin air. A few days later, the strange creature appeared again, this time outside of the witness’s window. The strange tiny man then smiled and disappeared again until a few days later, when he appeared yet again. This time the witness claims to have tried to communicate with it, asking it what it’s name was, to which it surprisingly replied that its name was “Sebastian Polizar.” Things had gotten so incredibly odd that the witness, who had to this point not mentioned it to anyone else, told his mother, who perhaps not surprisingly didn’t believe him. The witness then called out to the gnome by name and it apparently appeared out of nowhere right there in front of them to cause the mother to scream out in shock. This gnome reportedly would continue to make regular appearances around the house and in the yard until the family had had enough and moved out.

Another case of a family that was plagued by an apparent gnome has a decidedly ominous overtone. The story starts with a woman known only as Tammy, who moved with her three children to a rural farmhouse near the town of Porterville, California, just off the Tule River, in around 2004. Things got odd almost immediately, as Tammy claimed that she often felt the heavy sense of being watched, at times almost feeling the gravity of eyes upon her, but there was never any one around during these episodes. It did not take long for her to realize that this phenomenon happened most often and most intensely when she was near the barn, which sat in a secluded corner of the rather large, 100-acre property.

Indeed, in the coming days the barn took on quite a sinister air, seeming to emanate a cold chill and spooking the many animals the family owned, including dogs, a cat, chickens, turkeys, and even a duck. Although they tended to wander all over the property, none of these animals would go anywhere near the barn, as if repelled by some unseen force lodged within. Indeed, she observed that none of the neighbors animals, strays, or wildlife would go go near the spooky old barn either. Whenever any animals passed the barn they would give it a wide berth, and on many occasions would act strangely in its presence, staring at it as if something were there staring back. The dogs would sometimes go nuts around the barn, barking and yipping excitedly even though no one was there. Sometimes there could be heard strange noises coming from within the barn which sounded like grunts, growls, and squeals. To add a layer to the thickening air of foreboding, Tammy claimed that she began to notice several of her animals had begun to go missing, gone without a trace, and it was immediately suspected that that menacing barn had had something to do with it.