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The Government Of Canada Is Now Officially Warning Canadians To Buy Legal Marijuana With Cash To Protect Their Personal Information

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada released a “guidance document” today explaining why he feels it best that Canadians use cash when purchasing marijuana, even at legal and licensed dispensaries. The guideline also advises Canadians to provide as little personal information as possible when making purchases of marijuana.

Marijuana became legal in Canada this past October, and while most Canadians were more than pleased with the choice by the federal government, there have been a handful of hiccups.

TL;DR  The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has advised Canadians to be especially cautious with their personal information when it comes to purchasing marijuana. Among the advice is a suggestion to make purchases with cash to avoid proof of payment at a dispensary.

Because cannabis is an illegal substance in most other countries, the personal information of Canadians who are making legal purchases within Canada is very “sensitive,” according to the guide.

This sensitivity is, of course, due to the fact that countries can deny entry to Canadian citizens if they know they have purchased cannabis, even if it was purchased within the limits of the Canadian law.

This of course is most pertinent to Canadians travelling to the United States. Because marijuana has not been legalized by the federal American government, Canadians who have purchased marijuana can still be under scrutiny at the border, and can certainly be turned away.