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Great Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

A clean car can make the difference to how you feel about your vehicle. Knowing that your car looks good from the outside can give you a sense of pride and achievement. Who said that keeping your vehicle clean must be a daunting task? With the right equipment and some time, a decent car can quickly become a reality for you.

Here are a few tips for keeping your car clean:

Keep your car in a garage

If you have your car staying outside most of the times, it needs to be cleaned often. If you keep it in the garage, you can protect it from all the dirt Mother Nature can bring. And if you do not have a garage, try to find a closed space. It will help a lot for the view of your vehicle.

Dust off your shoes before you get in

Of course, you can not get in the car with completely clean shoes, especially when it’s raining or snowing outside. However, you can do a little trick to reduce the amount of dirt. Just sit with your legs out on the seat. Then, fold your feet together. That should free the foot sole at least from some waste and dirt.

Dispose of anything that should not be in the car

Your day’s materials left in the car can prevent you from keeping your vehicle clean. Begin with the routine of taking things like mail, desserts, work papers, and anything else out of your car’s wrong place when the day is over.

Wash your floor mats regularly

The floor mats of your vehicle are prone to a lot of dust, and there’s nothing you can do about that except cleaning the mats regularly. You can follow a simple procedure which entails using a small vacuum to dust of any huge chunks of dirt. After which you can use detergent and water to scrub it. Let the mats completely dry before getting them back in the car.

Avoiding eating inside the car

Sadly, most of us who own vehicles seem to have this bad habit of eating inside the car. The thing is you can still eat while inside the vehicle and even dispose of the servings after you are done forgetting that you have left out small particles and even stains which are most stubborn to clean. Just remember if you want to keep your car interior clean avoid eating inside the car.

Invest in car seat protectors.

How many times have you found dirty footprints on the back seat of the car where your kids or the dog have jumped in with muddy feet and left dirt on the seat? It’s usually a case of letting it dry out then getting to work to clean it all off.

Fitting a set of car seat protectors to your car is a great way to help protect the vehicle seats, not only from the ravages of dirty feet and clothes but also from the fading that can be caused by exposure to sunlight. A good set of made to measure seat covers will do all of this.