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Weird World: Almost 30 Percent Think Santa Claus Should Be Female Or Gender Neutral

According to a new survey done by GraphicSprings, 27.8 percent of people believe Santa should be rebranded either as a woman or a gender-neutral character. However, 72 percent said that Santa should be a man.

The march of cultural genocide of all that is good in our uniquely American traditions continues on… The Santa we all know and love is a fat, jolly man with a white beard. Why would anyone want to re-imagine him? 

For a long time, Santa Claus has been portrayed as an older man with a hefty build and big white beard but a new poll finds that some feel that Santa should be rebranded as a woman or gender neutral.

After years of this image, Graphic Springs, a logo design company, surveyed hundreds to rebrand Santa and give him a more modern image.

The survey polled approximately 400 people from the United States and United Kingdom. Then, 4,000 people voted on the most popular version of the Santa they designed from the survey.

“Modern Santa” has tattoos, a stylishly-trimmed beard, skinny jeans, sneakers, and a hoverboard. He’s tech-savvy and looks like he could easily feature in GQ magazine.

A new survey found that over 27 percent of people asked would rebrand Santa Claus as a woman or gender-neutral. More