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Severe weather hits Sicily, Italy: Violent storm drops 50cm (20 inches) of hail in Messina

The spectacular mammatus clouds immortalized yesterday in Sicily have been followed, unfortunately, by a rather violent weather phenomenon.

Mammatus clouds sometimes foretell extreme weather phenomena. Picture via

After enjoying temperatures reaching 20°C during the day, the air cooled suddenly and a violent storm has dumped over half a meter of hail in Roccalumera, Messina during the night.

Cars trapped in more than 50cm (20 inches) of hail in Roccalumera, Messina, Sicily. Picture via

Today, hail is still present in abundance, blocking trains and closing roads.

The extreme hailstorm blocked several roads in the city.

Homes and businesses damage have been reported due to the heavy hail accumulation on roofs and windows.

Bobcats are cleaning the road blocked by a huge accumulation of hail in Messina, Sicily on December 15, 2018. via

This anomalous weather phenomenon is linked to the important thermal contrasts between the cold North Atlantic air and the hot North African air.

The sea promenade was also covered by large amounts of hail.

Fortunately, the hail stones were of medium to small size! Imagine the damage with larger ice balls falling from the sky!

This article first appeared at Strange Sounds.

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