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Elementary school bans Santa, candy canes, reindeer, Elf on the Shelf, ‘red/green items’ to be ‘inclusive and culturally sensitive’

Manchester Elementary School Principal Jennifer Sinclair just landed on Santa’s naughty list, which means she probably won’t get any presents from the big man this year.

The Nebraska educator apparently tripped on a “big rock” and fell on her face, all the while attempting to rob her students of the joyous Christmas season.

It’s like a bad Hallmark movie come to life, happy ending and all.

“It seems that I have stumbled upon a ‘big rock’ that I hadn’t anticipated,” Sinclair wrote to her legion of teachers in her “week ahead” newsletter for Dec. 3-7.

“I know that you are all very kind and conscientious people. I know all of the things that you’d like to do, have done, want to do are coming from such a good place. I come from a place that Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools as over the years in my educational career, this has evolved into the expectation for all educators,” she wrote.

Bah humbug.

Apparently, some teachers like Christmas, and want to share it with their students.

“I have unknowingly awoken a ‘sleeping giant’ with many of you. I apologize for the stress that ‘Christmas/holiday/Grinch/Santa/tree’ emails and conversations have caused you,” Sinclair wrote. “I will do my best to communicate the expectation from here on out, which aligns with my interpretation of our expectations as a public school who seeks to be inclusive and culturally sensitive to all our students.”

“I feel uncomfortable that I have to get this specific, but for everyone’s comfort I will,” she wrote.

The principal included two very detailed lists, of “acceptable practices” and “not acceptable” practices during the Christmas season. The directive banned Santa and Christmas trees, Elf on the Shelf and Christmas songs


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