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CNN fires political commentator for criticizing Israel

CNN released Thursday political commentator Marc Lamont Hill, a day after he made incendiary comments in a United Nations speech in which he condoned the use of force by Palestinians against Israel.

“Marc Lamont Hill is no longer under contract with CNN,” said a CNN spokesperson.

Mr. Hill, a Temple University professor and liberal analyst who was dropped by Fox in 2010, told a U.N. panel that Palestinians should be able to use force against Israel, citing the example of the slave revolts.

“We must recognize the right of an occupied people to defend itself,” Mr. Hill said. “We must prioritize peace, but we must not romanticize or fetishize it. We must advocate and promote non-violence at every opportunity, but we cannot endorse a narrow politics of respectability that shames Palestinians for resisting, for refusing to do nothing in the face of state violence and ethnic cleansing.”

He concluded that “justice requires … a free Palestine from the river to the sea,” a mantra associated with the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas that refers to Israel’s elimination.

Mr. Hill, whose remarks were widely denounced by Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, denied Thursday calling for Israel’s destruction and insisted he was not anti-Semitic.

“I support Palestinian freedom. I support Palestinian self-determination,” Mr. Hill tweeted shortly before CNN made its announcement.

“I am deeply critical of Israeli policy and practice. I do not support anti-Semitism, killing Jewish people or any of the other things attributed to my speech,” he said.