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Home renovation: benefits that go beyond aesthetics

In spite of all its financial and time management challenges, home renovation is a process that most families consider to be worth the effort. At the end of a couple of weeks – or even months, if the repairs are extensive – the property is more inviting, and coming back home at the end of the day is a true pleasure.

Aesthetics are a great part of the home renovation process and sometimes the part that most homeowners look forward to, but renovation is no much more than an excuse to purchase new curtains and decorations. Done properly, complete home renovation can be a true blessing for your health and your wallet, as well as a way to improve your family life.

A healthy home environment offers physical and mental benefits

As modern individuals, we spend most our time at work and in traffic, so it’s crucial that the little time we spend at home be as pleasant and soothing as possible. Renovating a house involves fixing structural issues and adding those little touches that make us feel that is where we truly belong. How does this impact our health?

Spending time in a calming and relaxing home environment inspires peacefulness and wellbeing. Clean, well maintained rooms, with proper lighting and a strategically designed plan, improve state of mind and reduce stress. Research shows that when our homes look good, we feel good as well, not to mention that successfully completing a home renovation project boost self confidence and positivity.
Improve air quality and reduce health risks. An old house that hasn’t been renovated in decades is not only aesthetically unappealing, but also unhealthy. Old homes are cold and damp, the walls are door frames are often infested with mold and the air quality is terrible because dust and other impurities have piled up within the walls. For homes built in the 70s, asbestos and lead are major health threats, so the sooner you renovate to get rid of them, the better. In general, all old properties should be regularly inspected for structural damage and renovated to avoid extensive structural damage.

Home renovations are a smart investment

Price is one of the common reasons why so many homeowners postpone or even cancel renovation projects, but, in the long run, renovations can actually bring considerable savings. So, although you are paying now what you consider to be a large amount of money, you will get part of that money back in the years to come in the form of reduced maintenance and utility costs. There is also the fact that many local governments offer rebate programs, such as the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate Program, for instance, under which you can get part of your money back. Typically, these rebate programs cover improvement projects such as basement insulation, exterior wall insulation and air sealing.

Additionally, insulation and window replacement not only increase thermal comfort, but also reduce energy bills and reliance on HVAC units. Thanks to them, you have better humidity control and reduce the risk of your home being affected by snow and rainfall damage. Economic LED lights play a similar role: although they cost more, they consume less energy and you pay less on bills. Return-on-investments are even higher if you choose to install solar panels, so don’t let the initial price put you off, because, more often than not, bigger rewards await.

Increase home value

When most people buy a house, they don’t necessarily think about selling it, but this is something to consider. Should you ever want to move and sell your current property, renovations can raise the price considerably, because buyers don’t like having to do a lot of work on the property before moving in. Renovations increase curb appeal, meaning that not only the house’s value increases, but also that you will have more interested buyers.

However, keep in mind that not just any type of home renovation increases home value. When balancing cost vs. value ratio, these improvements are more profitable:

An improved kitchen. Modern appliances and high-quality countertop materials (such as marble and granite) are very popular these days: real estate surveys show that buyers would rather pay more on a house with a pre-renovated kitchen than buy a fixer-upper that requires a lot of work.
Updated bathrooms. They say that if you want to know how good a restaurant really is, you should check the state of the bathroom first. Well, this applies to houses as well. An old bathroom, with cracked tiles, broken pipes and subpar sanitary installations creates a bad first impression and there’s a chance that someone will turn down your property because the bathroom isn’t too appealing.
Minimal landscaping. A neat front lawn and a garden won’t sell your property faster, but they can be an extra touch that persuades potential buyers to make the purchase.
Windows and open space. Minimalism is one of the longest standing home design trends and two of its main principles are lots of natural light and open space. Instead of having small, cramped rooms, consider removing a wall to create a larger living room, with windows that let natural light in.