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3 flaws of the modern education system and how to change it

The modern education system is failing and needs help. That’s the bitter truth. And even though the world has branded it as “modern education system,”  it still won’t change the fact that it’s outdated, stagnant and needs a radical transformation. Closely examine big corporations that have been in existence for over a century or so, do they still offer the same product or manufacture products as they did many years ago? The answer is no. If they are, they wouldn’t be able to satisfy the demands of customers in the present market. And according to an individual that offers help with thesis, the modern education system is still what it was centuries ago. Nothing has changed. So in this post, we will examine flaws in the contemporary education system and the way forward.

1.    Too much value on dry knowledge

The point is modern education places too much importance on dry knowledge, which gets worse with each passing decade. Students are forced to study subjects and abstract things they have little or no interest for, and there’s no real-life application of most of the things they learn in school.

Not that physics or math is terrible, but they should help answer complex questions that will make life better and cause students to think deeper. In other words, instead of trying to solve mathematical problems that will lead to nothing, the energy and knowledge should be channeledtowards solving problems in our personal lives, communities, schools and the world in general.

2.    Grading system

The grading system is another massive flaw in modern education that needs fixing. It does more harm to the system than good. It is humanly wrong to assign a standard value to an individual. It can limit students and cause them to think poorly about themselves.

The point here is we become better from the mistakes we make in life. Thomas Edison and other famous scientists made mistakes before making groundbreaking discoveries. But making a mistake is the worst students can do in this modern educational system. A little mistake can deny a student admission into school or result in poor grades.

What happened to think, risking, creating and evaluating? If the modern-day educational system is genuinely looking to change the world, then these things should be introduced into the system. Students should have the opportunity to express themselves, think and not be afraid to make mistakes.

A unique system of grading should also be introduced and should be more of the student’s creativity not based on performance on a subject that is entirely abstract. They should be evaluated based on what they can do or create on their own.

Schools should abolish the idea of using test scores and exams as the primary means of evaluating the skills and knowledge of students. Instead, there should be more emphasis on being innovative, creative and diverse.

3.    Underfunding

World population keeps growing every year. Statistics show that the average population increase currently stands at 83 million people annually. But even with the population growth, the number of teachers, classrooms, and learning facilities are the same. In most schools, especially public schools, the number of students in a class has also increased tremendously compared to a couple of decades ago.

The worst part is school facilities provided based on the population size of classrooms or demand for education in past decades, are either overstretched or inadequate considering the present class strength. An overcrowded classroom will make learning more challenging for students and more demanding for teachers to manager.

Another flaw modern education has, is regarding the teachers. Even with the increase in the class population, the numbers of teachers remains the same. Personal develop of teachers is also vital. But various governments do not consider this as a top priority.

The point is the modern educational system requires proper funding. In most parts of the world, it occupies a small portion of the national budget. More classrooms should be built, and school facilities should also be expanded to accommodate more students. School materials like books and other educational gadgets that aid learning should also be made available to students at affordable rates. According to thesis helpers, the government should also make personal development vital for teachers and provide funds for same.


There are flaws in the modern educational system that must be addressed urgently. It is best the world identifies these loopholes and take drastic steps to make amends. Doing so will help to prevent a disaster that is bound to happen in the future. Parents, teachers and the government can work together to proffer solution to these problems and re-evaluate the system.