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Man Charged with Threatening to Kill CNN Anchor DON LEMON…

A Mountain Home man is in custody after investigators say he threatened the life of a CNN journalist.

Investigators from Atlanta say Benjamin Craig Matthews, 39, called CNN more than 40 times from a cell phone.

In the calls, he is alleged to have said he would like to “kick the [expletive] out of DL.”

Don Lemon is the anchor of CNN Tonight.

In subsequent calls, investigators say Matthews asked CNN’s operator “Could I be directed to DL’s dead body hanging from a tree?” In another call, made on Nov. 1, he asks “Is DL dead yet? Can you help me kill that [redacted]?”

The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) states that Matthews called CNN more than 40 times between October 31 and November 2, and included general harassment, threat of bodily injury, and threatening the journalist’s life.