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Keeping fit and healthy after giving birth

If you’re a new mom, congratulations on your little bundle of joy (or maybe even two or three if you were suddenly blessed with lots of babies)! Pregnancy changes your body in many different ways, mainly affecting our size and shape. Fear not, because there’s lots you can do to return to your pre-baby body! Remember to always embrace the changes you see, and don’t be too hard on yourself if the journey is a little more difficult than you imagined.

You’re probably itching to get back to working out if you were an avid fitness fan before you fell pregnant, but even if you’re not, you can still get into fitness now! There are lots of ways to get back in shape and keep fit once your little one is born. Read on to learn some great exercise ideas for new moms.

Exercise classes – yay!

If you feel like the support of other new moms will give you some accountability to keep working out, a postnatal exercise class is the perfect fit for you. Not only will the workout not be too challenging, you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone else in the class feels exactly the same way as you!

You can also take a class for a little while and then take the exercises home, and do them there instead.

Push the stroller for a fun little workout

Pushing a stroller combines the healthy and gentle exercise of walking with the extra challenge of moving along the weight of a baby (and the stroller, of course). Remember to keep your arms bent and your back straight, and walk at a brisk pace for an extra calorie burning boost.

If you haven’t invested in a stroller and are looking for the best options for you, check out our double jogging stroller reviews, where you’ll find lots of info to help guide you.

Build activity into your day

Making your day as active as possible is a great way to burn some extra calories and boost your fitness. Small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking the car a little further away when you grocery shop can already make a huge difference. It all adds up. When in doubt, select the option that gets you moving more, and you’ll soon see results!

Try water workouts

If you love the pool, a water-based workout might be just what you’re looking for. Swimming is a great choice, as it is a whole body workout that will tone you up and boost your cardiovascular fitness. Likewise, if you want a little something lower in impact, a water aerobics class can be a great first step to getting back in shape after baby.

Plus, if you want your kiddo to learn to swim as soon as possible, you can always take them along to a swimming class! That way you’ll both have fun, and your child learns a valuable skill for life.

Remember to take it easy when you need to and not stress too much! Getting your body back in shape is very possible – you just have to be patient. Have fun finding a new workout routine!