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Daniel Lewin, Co-founder of Akamai Technologies, was the very first person killed in the 9/11 attacks

So I was searching through my internet traffic and found some data being delivered through one of Akamai’s servers. I decide to look them up and see what their deal is. Turns out they deliver 15 to 30% of all internet traffic. But thats all good and fine in my book, someone has to do it. These guys function on the same level as Amazon Web Services, Apple, Google, and Microsoft

Well the company was co-founded by Daniel Lewin (, who was raised in Israel after the age of 14. He served in the Israel special forces unit and achieved the rank of captain. He attended school in Israel before moving to Cambridge, MA and graduating from MIT.

Now ill get into the juicy stuff. Lewin was the very first person killed on board flight 11. Supposedly he was stabbed. Oddly, a first draft from the FAA stated that he was shot, but they changed it to a stabbing in a later draft. It seems he was sitting in the seat directly in front of one of the hijackers, and directly behind two others.

Akamai acquired three companies in 2000, their first acquisitions. The third one acquired was named Call The Shots Inc for a meager 3.7 million. This is a small price compared to all their other acquisitions. No other companies were acquired between the end of 2000 and 2005. They stopped reporting the cost to acquire companies in 2015.

So that leaves us with a dead Israeli, special forces captain, multi-millionaire who co-founded one of the worlds largest internet companies. His company acquired Call The Shots inc before he was stabbed (or shot?) on Flight 11 on 9/11/2001.

The NSA has refused Freedom of Information requests regarding their contracts with Akamai, saying that they are exempt from such a request. This leads me to believe that they have ongoing government contracts and cannot disclose the information. otherwise they would have no need to refuse. Or maybe they just refuse all requests of that manner.​

What are all your thoughts on this? Just seems like another level to the 9/11 story that is not often discussed.

This article first appeared at Reddit.