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BALTIMORE City Schools Pays Six-Figure Salary to Principal who doesn’t work for them , she wasn’t even in the country she was in Kuwait

A Project Baltimore investigation has found Baltimore City Public Schools has been paying a six-figure salary to a principal who wasn’t working for City Schools. She wasn’t even in the country.

“There’s a lot of corruption in Baltimore’s public schools,” explained one long-time City Schools employee who sat down with Fox45. “Everyone seems to be ignoring the corruption that’s in the city’s schools.”

Fearing retaliation, Fox45’s source doesn’t want to be identified. But she suggested Project Baltimore investigate Edmondson-Westside High School. At first, nothing seemed out of place. Then, we looked at City Schools payroll and noticed something strange. Edmondson was paying two principals.

Why would a school system with significant financial problems pay for two principals at a relatively small elementary school?

To find the answer, Project Baltimore called the school and learned Karl Perry is the current principal. The other name on payroll, Muriel Cole-Webber, is also a principal. But this investigation found she’s not working in Baltimore. She’s not in Maryland. She’s not even in the United States. She’s principal of a high school 6,500 miles away in Al Jahra, Kuwait.

“Good question,” replied our source, when asked how Webber can be paid while not working for the school system. “That’s the answer that the city should be looking for.”

Project Baltimore spent months looking for that answer. In 2016, Webber was principal at Edmondson. Our source says she left in the fall. In April of 2017, Perry officially took over as Edmondson principal. By November, Webber was listed as principal on Kuwait Bilingual School’s website. Yet, at the end of 2017, she remained on the City Schools payroll, earning $117,906.