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Parents Outraged After School Shaved Large Patches of Hair from Kids’ Heads to Drug Test Them

The parents of children at a middle school in Kansas are likely regretting their decision to allow the school to drug test their students this week after their children came home with large patches of missing hair. The hair was used in the random drug testing process of 11 to 14-year-old children.

The school district is now on the defensive after multiple students complained to their parents about the hack jobs they received as the state searched their bodies for illegal substances.

Hopefully, this situation allows the parents realize the err of their ways and take note of what happens when you ask the state to parent your children.

Superintendent Mike Gower spoke to KWCH and said the district recognized the problem of officials cutting large sections of children’s hair out and is addressing it.

According to KWCH:

Gower said the district started random drug testing last year after parents voiced concern about middle and high school students using drugs.

They requested the hair follicle testing because it can show whether someone has been using drugs back 90 days.

Gower said the company usually takes 100 to 120 strands of hair – the diameter of a pencil.

Instead of a tiny bit of hair, however, kids had large sections of their hair removed to test for drugs—a frightening notion indeed.

According to, the district requires students and parents sign a “Student Drug Testing Policy” at the beginning of each school year if they want to participate in or attend school-sponsored activities, according to the consent form. Gower said this is the district’s second year with that policy.

The school board is now apologizing to the students and the parents for this sickening display.

“I’m not going to throw the company under the bus or the board or anybody else,” said Gower. “I’m the superintendent, what happens here is on me. I apologize to those kids and those parents. We’re taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.