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The Worst False Flag Event In History Was Successful

As a professor, I graded some very substandard midterm and final exams. As a former college basketball coach, I absolutely coached some horrific games. However, in all my years on the planet, I have never seen such an ill-contrived false flag event of which the quality of the content and sophistication of the plot was not even fitting of a bad episode of the Keystone Cops.

The Deep State finds a mess of a man living out of his van with no computer. Yet, he was able to track down the home addresses of the Clintons, the Bidens and the Obamas et al. He’s sophisticated enough to find these high profile people, yet doesn’t realize that federal regulations prevent these people from receiving mail and that they would never open what was sent. And then these people were sent bombs that would not even be befitting of a sparkler on the 4th of July. And all of this was done with from a van, residing in a shopping center with no computer,  with pro-Trump stickers and anti-Obama stickers who had a history of threatening people with bombs. It almost makes one wonder if this was a false flag event that was contrived at an LSD party.

This entire false flag scenario was so disgraceful, so comical, that Chad Jenkins, a  former counter terrorism FBI agent, told Fox News Family and Friends hosts that “the bomber was the  worst right wing bomber in history or this was a bad  false flag attack constructed with political reasons in mind”. In short, the “ass-clowns” of the Deep State just perpetrated the worst false flag event in all of history. And amazingly, it achieved its objective.

The Worst False Flag Event In History Was Effective

The Republicans hold the Senate by a slim margin. The Republican control of the House is in real jeopardy. One does not have to move the needle much to change the political landscape. This is high stakes poker. There are so many close elections in America that a movement of 3%, in either direction, will determine the ultimate fate of America. As we laugh at the ridiculousness of this false flag event, I am struck by the stark awareness that this event probably achieved its objective.

The Liberal Democrats Need to Change Their Perception

Following the Kavanaugh hearings, the Democrats realized that their threats and intimidation had backfired. America, even the the ignorant Americans were turned off by the threats of violence being directed at conservatives. Temporarily, the Democrats forgot that they are the only ones who embrace thuggery. Further, Blacks and Latinos started to flocking to Trump because of his effective economic policies. In short, the Democrats realized the thuggery and censorship was not working. So, the Democrats have changed their game plan. The Federal Reserve is tanking the economy by raising interest rates in a low-inflation environment. Globalist corporations like Goldman Sachs are tanking the Stock Market. Home mortgages are again, just like in 2008, being sold to anyone with a pulse as these mortgages are being bundled into credit swap derivatives just like in 2008. The housing market is nearing free-fall. All of this adds up to the fact that the Deep State is willing to take major losses to derail Trump’s America first policies. The short-term plan is to take away Trump’s economic bragging rights going into the midterm elections. Long term, Trump’s economic credibility will be destroyed as we head towards 2020.

In the meantime, the Democrats have stopped their statements of violence and intimidation. Following a week of silence, the Deep State wing of the FBI found a patsy, sent some fake bombs and blamed a Trump supporter.

Why the False Flag Event Was Successful

Typical political projections tell us that 20% of the country will vote liberal Democrat without batting an eye. A full 40% of the voting public are conservative. However, today’s battleground with all the censorship and bully politics is aimed at influencing the ignorant 40% of the people

Half of the ignorant 40% could not even tell you the name of the Vice President and how to find London on a map. They don’t need much influencing. How good does a false flag have to be to influence people when one does not know the name of Mike Pense? All this group had to hear was “bomb” and “Trump Supporter”.  Although the “bombing” events are comical to people with a brain, it is safe to assume that more than 3% of the ignoramus  population was influenced by CNN’s coverage of the hoax and subsequently, the event produced its desired effect. To the more critical thinking of the ignorant, both parties are controlled by thugs. To the less critical thinking, the Republicans are terrible people who send pipe bombs to their enemies. Mission accomplished!