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5 Myths about Custom Writing Services

Academic writing help exists as long as academic writing itself — from the times of Ancient Greece, we reckon. Nothing is surprising in it — not all the students are fascinated with the idea of dealing with all their assignments on their own, and when there is a market, there is a business. There is no doubt in that. Academic writing online is a rather popular market, which has risks and advantageous, pros and cons, but what is for sure — it is not going anywhere. For the years of academic writing help existence, as well as custom writing services existence, myriads of myths appeared and died regarding these services. Here we will try to bust the most popular ones, to make you feel more reasonable about using academic writing help from a reliable service when you really need to.

Myth #1. Custom Writing Services Share Info with Universities

We have no idea how could this myth even survive, but it did, and there are lots of questions and legends about this matter online. It is a foolish myth, because, finally custom writing services do business and their primary goal is to have as many returning customers as they can get. If they’ve shared information about your orders with colleges and universities, they would not have survived in the market for a month. All the reliable writing services will provide you with a Confidentiality guarantee, based on which they promise that your communication, details of the order or transactions, your personal data will never be disclosed to ANY third parties even upon the direct request. Basically, it means you can sue a company if even a line of your communication regarding the particular assignments gets public. But from what we know — it just never happened, because it would simply kill the industry.

Myth #2. Custom Writing Services Are Too Expensive

There are more and less expensive writing services in the market, but almost all of them are more than affordable for average students. Of course, you should not pay $50 per page when ordering a high-school assignment, no matter what a particular essay writing service promises you to do — it is simply unacceptable! However, if you spend at least half an hour on doing research and comparing prices and offers, you will surely find something suitable. Don’t even waste time on offers like $3 per page — they are a scam. Our point is that you can find a trustworthy writing service which won’t charge you an arm and a leg and will provide you with a high-quality final draft. Be patient and be attentive — that’s all.

Myth #3. Academic Papers You Buy Online Are Plagiarized

Well, if you decide to order something for $3 per page, or just download a relevant essay online for free, it will most probably be low-quality and 100% plagiarized. Think about it — hundreds if not thousands of students have already downloaded it and used it fully or partially in their assignments similar to yours. The problem is, even if you don’t find other matches online, there is a huge risk it was used in other academic papers, so Turnitin and similar college problems will recognize plagiarism, and you will be in trouble. However, papers you order with reliable custom writing services are 100% original — they are checked with the specific anti-plagiarism software and are written from scratch based on your professor’s requirements. Not it, trustworthy services always provide clients with a Plagiarism-free guarantee.

Myth #4. My Paper Will Be Sold for Several Times

It is not what is going to happen if you address a reliable service, with confidentiality guaranteed. Your paper is your property, and it will never be posted online or used as a draft or source of quotes for other assignments this agency receives. Again, it is a question of the reputation. Reputation is the main currency in the academic writing world and service fight for it with all their means. That is also why writers typically don’t receive several similar assignments in a row — just in case, you know.

Myth #5. Only Kenyan and Indian Authors Work for Writing Services

There are definitely some Kenyan, Indian and other ENL writers working in this industry and it is only obvious — they are paid in euros and dollars, which is beneficial taking into account local currency rates. However, you can find a professional custom writing service Smart Writing Service which offers you to choose WHO will write your academic paper from scratch. We advise choosing more expensive ENL writers only when it comes to genuinely important papers.

Of course, not all the academic writing services are reliable and worth addressing, but it is the same to any service field. Choose wisely, ask questions, use only trustworthy payment methods, pay attention to the guarantees and you will be fine!