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YouTube experiencing worldwide outage

Users worldwide are reporting that YouTube is down for many people. The reason is not yet known, but reports are coming in fast worldwide. This is unusual for one of the most popular websites in the world. So far, YouTube hasn’t issued an official statement about what happened except to note that they are working on the problem. Although the site may have occasionally had brief issues in the past, being down this long is very rare. This is a developing story.

YouTube hasn’t identified the problem yet, but did acknowledge on Twitter that they are working on the issue:

Twitter/Team YouTube

Here are reports from Down Detector:



You can see that the errors just recently skyrocketed. Look at the reports above and now the reports next, just a few minutes later:


Errors range from just seeing a blank screen to getting a 500 internal server error to receiving “invalid response” errors. Others reported seeing ”″ when they tried to load the homepage or a video. The most recently reported problems involve watching videos, logging in, and problems just viewing the website.

And of course, people are reacting across social media: