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Virginia Senator Mark Warner Now *Pushing* Gun Control? Take Action!

Senator Mark Warner was good on guns when he was the governor of Virginia. He signed several important gun bills into law, including one of our prize jewels: Virginia’s firearms preemption law passed in 2004.

However, everything changed once Warner was elected as one of Virginia’s two federal senators. Since that day, Mark Warner has done next to nothing for gun owners and mostly supported gun control.

He did manage to vote “no” on an “Assault Weapon” Ban bill in 2013, and he now says he regrets even that token vote for gun rights! (see:…),

Things have continued to slide downhill with Warner. Now Warner is actually SPONSORING an “Assault Weapon” Ban bill! So he has not been supportive of gun rights AND now he is actively working against Virginia’s gun owners and the Constitution by introducing gun-control legislation!


Enough is enough. Warner is supposed to be representing us and he needs to be reminded that 1) we are out here and watching him and 2) we do not want any more gun control. In fact we want the Hearing Protection Act and we want National Reciprocity passed out of the Senate and signed into law.

Ignoring Warner’s bad behavior will only encourage him to keep going down his current path of trying to be a gun-control leader, like Chuck Schumer. If Warner gets a load of pushback, he might at least stop introducing gun-control bills.