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ALERT: County Commissioner Wants Ammo Background Checks

A county commissioner wants you to undergo a mental health evaluation to purchase ammunition. In particular, Reggie Davis’s “bullet bill” will require ammo background checks and psychiatric exams for anybody purchasing cartridges.

Police will conduct both the ammo background checks and mental-health evaluations, The Hill reports. As a result, you will need police approval to buy a box of cartridges.

Sheriff Will Conduct Ammo Background Checks 

Specifically, Davis wants the Wayne County (Michigan) Sheriff’s Office to conduct mental health evaluations. Davis intends to use ammo background checks and mental health evaluations for gun control.

“It’s not the gun that’s doing the killing, it’s the bullets,” Davis says. “We have no laws that restrict the purchasing of ammunition for the majority of handguns.”

The bullet bill will make ammo more expensive and harder to get, The Detroit Free Press charges. Davis apparently wrote the bill with the purpose of keeping ammunition out of citizens’ hands.

Conversely, Davis’s bullet bill will raise money for “Second Amendment education,” The Detroit Free Press claims. That money will apparently come from a tax on ammunition.

The bullet bill is an ordinance that Davis introduced to the Wayne County Commission for the purpose of gun control on September 18. Davis is the Wayne County Commissioner for District Six.

Ultimately, Davis’s ammo background checks could affect well over 600,000 people. To clarify, Wayne County contains Detroit and many of its suburbs. Currently, the Census Bureau estimates Detroit’s population at 672,795.