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United Nations Claims $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax Needed To Fight Fake Global Warming

So, the news is that US ambassador to the United Nations has resigned and a new report on climate change by the totalitarian organization puts forth some pretty silly things, including the need to tax gas to the tune of $240 per gallon in order to fight a fictitious global warming.

According to the report, they want to tax carbon dioxide emissions, you know those things that cause plants to grow and be really green that some of us learned about in grade school, to be taxed as high as $27,000 per ton!  The fact that they want this to occur by the end of the twenty-first century is still just as laughable if they were not deadly serious.  And when I say “deadly serious,” I mean it.

So, what does that come down to?  What is a tax on carbon dioxide emissions in the amount of $27,000 per ton to average inhabitants of the planet?  Around $240 per gallon of gasoline.

Now, that is considering that tax would occur in 2100. But what if we just considered a few years away, like basically a decade? What is the UN proposing?

It really isn’t much better.

By 2030, they want a carbon tax as high as $5,500, which is $49 per gallon of gas!

Are these people snorting gas? Are they crazy? Nope, this is the totalitarian method of enslaving people. First, they make them stupid and teach them to be workers, not those who seek to glorify their Creator in what they do. Then in making them workers, they seek to take their money through lies about the environment in order to steal the money they’ve made.

I can say that at least the Trump administration called into question the UN’s models, which are built upon lies. We all know it. We’ve had the documented evidence that “science” the UN relies on has been fabricated and manipulated.