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Canadian BILLIONAIRE mysteriously murdered while developing a pot pill

Last December, the real estate agent of Canadian pharma billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman called the police after discovering their bodies. As one of the richest families in the country, the deaths became a subject of international intrigue. With no sign of struggle or forced entry, police first suggested it was a murder-suicide. Infuriated, the Sherman children hired their own investigator, commissioned another autopsy, and the case suddenly became a double homicide. With increased interest in the Shermans, a Toronto Star report revealed that Barry Sherman was in the middle of developing a cannabis ‘pill.’


Apotex was started in 1974 by Barry Sherman, and quickly became known for its work in generic pharmaceuticals. According to friends, Sherman had only smoked weed once in his teens. But after years of lulling and convincing he became interested in developing an alternative way for patients to consume cannabis aside from just smoking it.