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Youth Blood Wont Last Forever…New Generation Of Globalist On The Horizon

Editors note: This article was originally published Feb 1 2017 on

THOMAS DISHAW-No matter how hard the aging global elite try to remain young, some even going as far as consuming the blood of young people, deep down they know that death is inevitable.

As a generation of old rulers prepare for the after life, a new legion of  left-wing globalists are being groomed to carry on the dreams of a New World Order.  Just as their predecessors they are not content on just being wealthy, they want to use their wealth and influence to impose policies on the masses that will make society weaker and easier to rule.

George Soros > Alex Soros (The Billionaire Globalist)

George Soros, the 86-year-old billionaire who continues to fund global chaos across the globe via his Open Society FoundationBlack Lives Matter movement, and hundreds of other organizations is passing the baton to his son.  Alexander Soros, the heir to billions, and once staple of the NYC party scene, is taking on a bigger role in the Open Society Foundation. He is following even further in his fathers footsteps by launching the Alexander Soros foundation. Alex takes meetings with some of the biggest Democratic elites such as Eric Schneiderman, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and US representative Keith Ellison, and yet still finds time to participate in Anti-Trump protests.

 Bill Gates> Mark Zuckerberg (The Tech-Billionaire Globalist)

Bill Gates of Microsoft fame has made his life long objective to advance his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  While the foundation has always promoted itself as a completely philanthropic organization, the $39.6 billion trust consistently goes to promoting vaccinespopulation control, andcommon core education in public schools.

He has also been vocal about his advocacy of implementing a global government.

Gates has obviously been a huge influence on his globalist predecessor Zuckerberg. In 2016 he and his wife launched the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to tackle “all disease” by 2100.  He also continually speaks of using technology, particularly the technology he owns, to connect the world in a way where we see ourselves less as individuals and more as a global community.

What we know for a fact is Zuckerberg’s technology is not much more than an open source for the government to spy and propagandize society in order to control the narrative.  This past election and Facebook’s use of censorship proved that point.

Al Sharpton> DeRay Mckesson (The Race-Baiting Agenda Globalist)

Anyone that doesn’t know by now what a fraud Al Sharpton still probably watches MSNBC.  In the 4 plus decades that he has tried to remain relevant he has been exposed for tax fraudshady dealings, mob tiestheft, andletting down the same black communities that he vows to help.

Sharpton’s agenda is simple…show up only during racially charged events, tell the crowd that white people are evil, and collect a check from whichever company he can blackmail into backing him.  He basically uses what little respect he has left as a civil rights activist to stir racial pot.

DeRay Mckesson is quickly learning the financial benefits of race baiting set forth by Sharpton.  Mckesson, who is most famously known for being the face of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, is essentially a pawn in the George Soros globalist scheme.  While he tries to make his involvement with BLM seem organic, it has been proven that he is actually financially backed by George Soros.  According to campaign records it was revealed that the house he lives in has connections to Soros’s Open Society Institute.

Just like Sharpton, Mckesson claims to be a civil rights activist whose movement is helping black and urban communities, when in reality Black Lives Matter does more harm than good, and continues to destroy race relations.  McKesson has even admitted that the movement hopes to  destroys the traditional nuclear family.

After having the a failed Mayoral run in Baltimore City, McKesson now holds a prominent position in the Baltimore City Public School system, allowing him to essentially choose the staff and oversee a budget of $4 million dollars that effects the youth of an impoverished, vulnerable area.  Anybody want to guess how this will turn out?

Warren Buffett> Jeff Bezos (The Quiet Billionaire Globalist)

Warren Buffet, who is the third richest person in the world, does a better job at coming off less sinister than George Soros, but is no less a controlling powerhouse behind the scenes. He has used his wealth to finance mediamonopolize parts of the food industry, and was tied to backing “occupy wall street “.  He has mastered the role of the Good Guy Globalist, coming across as a sweet, ice cream loving old man who prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Jeff Bezos, who comes in slightly behind Buffet as the 5th richest person in the world, owns Amazon, the worlds biggest online retailer.  He is putting his wealth towards the same sorts of globalist conquests as Buffet.  He owns the FAKE news outlet Washington Post, which he purchased for $250 million. He also trying to revolutionize the way we shop and buy groceries, and is ensuring that his technologies are patented and at the forefront of this change.  He seems to love the idea of automation, allowing robots and computers to replace the functionality of people in the world.  Bezos, just doesn’t stop at dominating planet earth as he has set his eyes on space with his company Blue Origin.

Bezos also likes to stay out of the spotlight as much as he can in the age of internet.  It was recently reported that he he quietly purchased “the biggest house in Washington“, in the same neighborhood as Obama and Ivanka Trump.

George Clooney > Leonardo DiCaprio  (The Not So-Naive Celebrity Globalist)

George Clooney, like most Hollywood actors, is a narcissist.  Every move he makes, no matter how generous it may seem, revolves around an end game of benefiting only himself.  Recently there have been hints that he wants to run for political office, eventually becoming President. Clooney is a member of the CFR, he is on the forefront of pushing climate change propaganda, he loves the idea of open borders but lives on and owns an exclusive private island.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who may have watched Al Gores an Inconvenient Trutha few to many times, has decided that fighting Global Warming is his mission, even starting a self named foundation for the cause.  While some would find this to be notable it his hard to take him seriously when heflies 8,000 miles on a private jet to accept a green awardDiCaprio has a love for gas guzzling SUV’S, all of which are forbidden for the average citizen but acceptable for the climate fighting elite. With moves like these he’ll fit perfectly into politics someday, just like Clooney.

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