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82nd doctor & wife found dead, cops suspect murder suicide, family says no way

Update: When I did this story I didn’t even realize Barry Sherman (may he rest in peace) was DR. Barry Sherman (MIT). I also didn’t know that, as the CBC explained, he was “constantly battling ‘Big Pharma.’” All news to me.

Sadly, his death marks #82 in our unintended series.

Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones (who have made a public statement below shocked and outraged by what cops are saying) of Dr. Sherman and his wife, Honey.

–End of Update–

The bodies of Bernard Sherman, 75, also known as Barry, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found around noon on Friday in their mansion in the North York district of Toronto by the police, who arrived in answer to a 911 call. The couple are survived by their four children and grandchildren.

Reports say their bodies were “hanging side by side” next to their pool. Police are now investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide.

However, their family and children urged the Toronto Police Services to conduct a “thorough, intensive and objective criminal investigation,” 1 and then asked the media to wait to report on the cause of death until after a full investigation was done:

“Our parents shared an enthusiasm for life and commitment to their family and community totally inconsistent with the rumors regrettably circulated in the media as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

We are shocked and think it’s irresponsible that police sources have reportedly advised the media of a theory which neither their family, their friends nor their colleagues believe to be true.”2

Watch the video below where even the CBC, Canada’s NATIONAL news service, explains that he went to battle with big pharma… a lot.

The police in Toronto are currently working on the theory that Mr. Sherman killed his wife and then took his own life. As in he killed her, hung her body and then hanged himself at the pool’s edge. (He doesn’t look weak in pictures but from what I understand picking up and hanging a dead body is no easy business.) Again, the couple’s children, family, friends, and colleagues all disagree with this theory.

“The real estate agent who had been helping to sell the pair’s North York home found the bodies Friday morning.

There was no sign of forced entry to the home. There was no note left behind to explain what had happened…

The Shermans had just put their house on Old Colony Road up for sale for $6.9-million.

Sherman’s company Apotex released a statement late Friday confirming the deaths: ‘We’ve been informed of the tragic news that Barry and Honey Sherman have unexpectedly passed away. All of us at Apotex are deeply shocked and saddened by this news and our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.’”3