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[1/27/17]  The latest SimilarWeb Ranking for U.S. Media Publications is here!

Post-election changes in the media landscape
Whereas a few months ago, the nation’s interest in political news peaked and political sites dominated the Media Publications category, in the last month of 2016 readers shifted their reading habits to more recreational sites. In addition, the overall category saw a 6% decrease in total pageviews.

Lifestyle sites (20th) and (27th) jumped seven and five places respectively in their ranking. In the music and entertainment arena, (36th) improved by nine spots while also moved up an impressive 17 spots.

Similarly, popular sports sites showed an upward growth in traffic and pageviews in contrast to a few months back: jumped eight places (39th), up five places (47th) and up two places (23rd).

Traffic drivers
December’s most visited publications sites proved that there is more than one way to get to the top by having different traffic drivers to their sites that varied between direct, social and organic search traffic.

First place site owes 59% of its traffic to direct visitors while gets 87% of its traffic directly. In contrast, social media drives the majority of visitors to (10th), while more traditional news sites (17th) and (11th) rely heavily on organic search.

Apps versus websites
A look at the SimilarWeb App Ranking for News and Magazines offers another angle into the News and Media ecosystem. Interestingly, the top apps in this category do not correlate closely with the top publications sites, reflecting behavioral differences and trends between websites and apps in general.

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