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[1/24/17]  I had held out hope that Fox News was going to begin to report the news in a more balanced manner. This belief was based upon the fact that Rupert Murdock, the owner of Fox News parent corporation, NEWSCORP, had actually covered Trump in a more balanced manner. However, this is not to be the case. The old adage applies, once New World Order, always New World Order.

“What’s CALEXIT?”

When I was the one of the first to be told by Paul Preston about CALEXIT, prior to the Presidential election, I immediately recognized this as the very big story that it is. As I printed finding after finding out about the event, I was told that I needed to put on my tin-foil hat and that I was making this scenario up. The stories on CALEXIT were among the least read on The Common Sense Show as the story refused to get much traction. Here is an abbreviated history of the coverage that I tried to bring to this topic.

  1. This is stunning and frightening information that was revealed on November 17, 2016 as a result of 3 weeks of investigation on my part.

2.. CALEXIT was exposed as part of a bigger plot to break up the United States as Trump’s populism would be kicking in. The article was entitled:

The US Is Being Broken Up Into Six Smaller Republics   (11/22)

3. Who all is involved in the CALEXIT movement? It is shocking. I revealed the following in this story on 11/25, Elected Officials & Gangsters Conspiring to Overthrow California By Any Means Possible

This story details the plot to begin killing whites to force an exit from the US.

4.  Governor Brown’s CALEXIT proxy forces have taken to intimidation of public officials connected to the State of Jefferson movement.

Paul Preston and Dave Hodges offer up the details where nobody is safe when politicians conspire with criminals and murderers in order to forge a political agenda. Never before in the history of the United States has such a state of affairs existed. The shocking details are contained in the following video.

5.  The reasons why CALEXIT cannot be allowed to come to fruition.  A California departure would have devastating effects on the US economy and food supplies.

China’s Moving to Control California’s Food Supply- Famine Coming to the US- Part of CalExit Plot

6. Fast & Furious Eric Holder- CALEXIT Spokesman

7. There are more Obama offiicals who are defecting to CALEXIT: CALEXIT is Adding Key Members of the Obama Administration

Additionally, we have evidence that links CALEXIT to the importation of terrorists inside of the United States as well as being connected to the amassing of terrorist forces on the Southern border. This is another story for another day. This is Obama’s parting gift to America and it’s been hiding in plain sight America. Are you ready to listen and to act? If not, maybe the mainstream media will convince you about what Paul Preston and I have been saying for months is true and accurate!

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