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[1/12/17]  Already under attack for attending Hillary Clinton-style “cash for access” fundraisers, Canada’s Conservative Opposition says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cross-country tour is just another fundraising effort.

The taxpayer-funded tour, beginning Thursday, is contingent upon Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs) across Canada inviting the public to attend by posting online information about coming townhall events with the prime minister.

Conservative Party House Leader Candice Bergen told the Canadian Press that it’s “almost impossible to believe” that this information will not be used by the Liberal Party for partisan fundraising purposes.

“Are they suggesting that once they get that information, they delete it all and they don’t share it with the party?” she said, suggesting it is reminiscent of the party’s glib guarantee that no one talks about government business at the cash for access fundraisers with Trudeau.

Trudeau has admitted that lobbying does occur at these events.

Trudeau spokesman Cameron Ahmad dismissed the allegations, insisting that “no information collected by the MP site, including event registrations, is shared with the Liberal party of Canada.”