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Bernie Supporters Pissed After Finding Out He Actually Won The First Roll Call

(DAILY SHEEPLE)  Because this is the only way Hillary can even make it appear as if she’s “winning” an election: propaganda, vote rigging, cheating, lying, corruption, and fear (in this case, of Donald Trump).

If things weren’t rigged, there’s no way she’d even be nominated as convention janitor.

Via Inquisitr:

This video discusses Sanders winning the first roll call. A Sanders delegate reveals the bombshell at the 6:30 mark, noting Bernie won the roll call as Clinton’s supporters did not come out in large numbers.

Although Sanders reportedly won the first roll call, the vote excluded superdelegates, which Clinton held in strong numbers. Therefore, it seems the first roll call was not valid as superdelegates were not included. However, supporters say they are angry that the roll call was not reported and that the DNC barred filming of the AM roll call that supported Sanders.

Despite the early win for the Sanders supporters, it was very clear throughout the convention that the event was catered towards unifying the party for Clinton. However, the unification didn’t pan out exactly as the Democrats had hoped. Following the official nomination of Clinton, Sanders delegates staged a walkout that left the convention center looking remarkably bare.

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