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Shocking Chris Christie Photo Surfaces… Should Disqualify Him From GOP Nomination Instantly

chris christie2

(Daniel Taylor)  A shocking photo of Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie has recently surfaced that is so bad some have said that he should automatically be disqualified from the GOP nomination.

As the governor of New Jersey, Christie is no stranger to scandal, but this photo has the potential to ruin his presidential aspirations and makes “bridgegate” look like nothing more than a traffic jam.

At first glance, nothing about the image appeared remarkable. As a politician, Christie shakes hands and poses pictures with scores of important people.

However, when you realize that the man in the picture with whom Christie is shaking hands is a prominent member of a terrorist front group, one can’t help be suspicious.

His name is Mohammed Qatanani, a known member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Christie has been cavorting with him for years, even inviting him to his home for a Muslim Iftar dinner and running to his defenseevery time someone has accused the man of being a terrorist.

Christie has lashed out against his and Qatanani’s critics, calling them anti-Muslim “bigots” who were part of a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country that’s disturbing.”

Still, Qatanani’s ties to radical Islam are undeniable, and it would not be the first or only time Christie has sided with a Muslim.

After Christie appointed Indian Muslim Sohail Mohammed as a Superior Court Judge in 2011, he received criticism for supporting Sharia law, an accusation which he denied at the time.

At a time when radical Islam terror is spreading across the world, America has no room for anyone, let alone politicians, who shake hands with known terror supporters.

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