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The Phrase “Everyone Can Succeed” Banned As Racist At University Of Wisconsin

(Moon Battery)  Janet Napolitano’s University of California isn’t alone in banning innocuous expressions of the traditional American mindset on the grounds that they are not in accord with leftist dogma and are therefore racist. Gateway Pundit reports:

The University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point is the latest school to ban common phrases like, “everybody can succeed,” or “America is a melting pot” because of their racist nature.

Straight from the university’s website:

Click the pic for the full list.

Nothing could be more irresponsible than to let the sort of malevolent kooks who would post a list like this shape young minds.

Certain phrases are excluded by the martinets of inclusivity apparently specifically because they support the individualist, can-do spirit of America. In the hellish moonbat dystopia that has been replacing our country, not everybody can succeed; only people enabled by Big Government coercion can succeed. America is not a melting pot; that would imply assimilating into American culture. The central purpose of political correctness is to destroy American culture — as we are seeing happen before our eyes.