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McDonald’s To Install Kiosks, Ushering Out Workers

(John S. Roberts)  Well, we knew this was coming.

It only makes sense. Why pay an uneducated person with limited skills $15.00 per hour when you can spend a few grand on a couple machines to do the exact same job?

The Left, as usual, remains clueless to the fact that raising the minimum wage will harm more than it will help. Yet, the ignoramuses who continue to support this policy keep bloviating and pandering to anyone who will listen.

If Democrats aren’t the biggest threat to America right now I don’t know what is.

From IJReview:

Maybe you’ve seen the machines that dispense drinks at your favorite 5 Guys, or the iPad that takes your order at Chili’s and Applebee’s, or the machine that takes your order at Panera Bread.

At McDonald’s, they’ve combined a computerized kiosk with a brand new menu, and it appears to be a big hit around the country:




When liberals finally awake from their toddler-like slumber, it will be too late. Their policies do nothing but oppress those they aim to help.

But who are we kidding? The Left doesn’t want to help. They want socialism.

Democrats want every American on the same playing field regardless of education level, hours worked, and so on. As long as a CEO is making x amount, the fast food guy should make the same.

It’s ridiculous, and we’re losing the American Dream because of these simpletons.

Anyone demanding more money while performing the most basic job on the planet needs help. Anyone who supports this act is similarly deranged.