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Report: The Chinese Government Is Stealing 10,000 Organs From Live Political Prisoners Every Year

(Josh Fatzick)  A Canadian documentary has alleged that the Chinese state is aware and approves of the removal of organs from live political prisoners, often without anesthetic.

Some 10,000 political prisoners are reportedly killed each year, and at least one former worker is willing to testify to atrocities.

The documentary, produced by Australia’s SBS Dateline, purports to show the gruesome details of the multi-billion dollar “organs-on-demand” transplant program, and how these Chinese hospitals remove organs from live patients, in some cases putting the people in incinerators before they had even died.

The filmmaker, Leon Lee, in an interview with Australia’s, described the account of an armed police officer on a college campus who witnessed the days long torture and rape of a 30 year-old woman before her organs were harvested without anasthetic.

A former medical student who only went by the name Annie said in the documentary that she and her husband fled China after they found out what was happening to these people, and have since faced death threats and attempts to kill them, allegedly by the Chinese government.

“I testify to the atrocious crime that the hospital committed in removing livers and corneas from living Falun Gong members,” Annie said. She also said her husband regularly wakes up with nightmares about what he saw in the operating rooms, and he would sit staring blankly at the television without watching.

She said a lot of the people that work in the hospitals know what is happening, but were too afraid to speak up for fear of being killed.

Nobel Peace Prize nominees David Kilgour and David Matas, the subjects of the documentary, spent nearly eight years investigating the allegations of organ harvesting in China, and they believe most of the organs come from members of the Falun Gong movement — a large religious group in China that is banned and routinely victimized by the Chinese government.