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ISIS Is Being Protected Under The Cover Of the U.S. Phony War to Take Out Assad

(Jack Perry)  I dunno, I smell another scam going on in Syria. As I said before, my Rule Number One is always assume it’s a scam. Here’s ISIS sitting on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria, and they’re now attacking the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk. Ok, the U.S. has allegedly been pounding ISIS with airstrikes for quite some time now. But instead of getting weaker, it looks like ISIS is getting stronger. ISIS has been moving large numbers of men, tanks, artillery, heavy machine gun trucks, and self-propelled howitzers. Come on, man, how are they moving all of this forward with airstrikes supposedly targeting them? Dude, they’d have lost all this crap a long time ago as soon as they got on the road with it! Well, if you assume these airstrikes are a scam, it all becomes obvious. Check it out:

The Smart Way to Bomb ISIS (Photo:Nationalinterest)

The goal of the U.S. government all along has been taking out Assad and his government in Syria. That has never changed. When questioned by U.S. Senators and Congress people if that was still a goal when Obama announced military action against ISIS, the Obama Administration offered more waffles than a cafe serving breakfast in Belgium. The President was under pressure to do something about ISIS because they’d killed Americans, but at the same time, those were his henchmen to get rid of Assad. So, the solution is to package a scam for the world that would be worthy of a late-night infomercial. The scam is that the U.S. is conducting airstrikes against ISIS. The reality is that the aircraft are probably being sent after phony targets and basically dropping bombs on nothing.

Look, the U.S. has tremendous intelligence gathering assets. We’ve got state-of-the-art military reconnaissance satellites, we’ve got drones, we’ve got spy planes that are still highly-classified to this day and officially don’t even exist. Spy planes like Aurora, for example. The U.S. is certainly aware whenever an ISIS column stops for tea and can even see what snacks they’re eating. So how is it that they’re getting stronger? And why haven’t other airstrikes from other countries been effective? Simple. They’re also relying on intelligence supplied by the United States. The U.S. makes the targeting coordinates based off the Intel and then gives those to the pilots. But if you take that Intel and doctor it, you can claim a couple abandoned, junk pickup trucks sitting in the desert is an ISIS troop movement. Planes drop tons of ordnance on them and everyone thinks something was accomplished. And something was: ISIS was protected while it’s made to look like something is being done about them.

Thus, ISIS can continue onward to getting rid of Assad and accomplishing the goal of the United States. All the while, the U.S. can claim plausible deniability because, hey, we’re doing airstrikes. Yeah, but they’re dropping bombs on tumbleweeds out there. That’s also the real reason the U.S. doesn’t want to send ground troops. They’d see the truth and not only that, might take out ISIS. Because if the U.S. wanted to take out ISIS, it would. If the U.S. wanted to send ground troops, it would. As it is, the only verifiable fruit borne from operations against ISIS has been from Iran and allied Shi’ite militias, as well as Assad’s own army. Iran launched an airstrike against an ISIS motorized column and we got to see pictures of that. And Iran did it using 50 year old F-4 Phantoms. Seriously, it doesn’t take a half-billion dollar aircraft to hit ISIS.

I predict Syria will soon fall to ISIS and the U.S. will put on a staged melodrama act of being “shocked” and “wondering how it happened after all we did”. Yeah, it wouldn’t be just what the U.S. did, it would also be what the U.S. didn’t do. The U.S. probably dumps the bombs over nothing, maybe hits a few rival groups ISIS wants out of the way, and then sits there and says it’s fighting ISIS. That’s the scam: Packaging this deal as a fight against ISIS. But in reality, it’s keeping people out of the way and giving ISIS time to get in there and get rid of Assad. If the U.S. is conducting airstrikes, other countries will just let the U.S. handle it and stay out of the way. And any countries also doing airstrikes are relying on the phony Intel being provided by the U.S., so they’re dropping bombs on junk piles and tumbleweeds themselves and don’t even know it.

ISIS tank Syria

Like I said, always assume it’s a scam. Any time the U.S. government puts its hand to something, you can be sure it’s a scam. That’s why Iran has to be so cautious dealing with the U.S. over its nuclear program. They know they’re dealing with a scam artist and the devil will be in the details. The world falsely believes Iran is hiding something, but the reality is that Iran happens to be exercising prudent caution in dealing with a two-faced liar and swindler. Hey, look, I’m an American and I’m telling you this. Most of us don’t trust our own government over here, so why should Iran trust them? Many Americans believe it was our own government that assassinated our own President John F. Kennedy. Why should any American be shocked Iran doesn’t trust our government?! And this whole deal with toppling Assad is to isolate Iran.

So, there’s the scam. The U.S. fighting ISIS, that’s the scam. The real thing being done is ISIS is being protected under the cover of the U.S. phony war against ISIS. That way, they can march on and take out Assad. The U.S. will claim to be “shocked” when Syria falls, but it’ll be what the U.S. wanted all along. I suspect the deeper mission after that would be the U.S. egging the ISIS regime on to attacking Iran. Somehow, I think the U.S. is trying to force Iran into a major war with someone. Look at Yemen also, for example. I think that’s the “end game” of the scam: Getting Iran into a major war whether they want one or not. That’s the whole purpose of a scam; getting you to buy something you didn’t want and by the time you realize you’ve been cheated, the scam artist is long gone. And if there’s a guy in this world who knows who to pull off a scam, it’s our good old Uncle Scam, er, Uncle Sam.