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Readers Write: Anonymous Commenting System

Occasionally other sites link to  The stories and commentary are top notch for the most part with one complaint. After watching the video link below, I wanted to post some commentary, but was unable to post anonymously.  Millions of people spend countless hours attempting to describe the flaws with the system, but very few can explain the causality of the situation.  If one understands a topic or technology very well, they should be able to explain it to a sixth grader in a brief amount of time so that others will benefit.  Countless people have watched the link below and are unable to explain why Shumer believes that Congress can change any amendment at any time with no fuss.  Had I been able to post a message I could provide a brief response that explains why shumers comments don’t matter.

Anonymity is lacking with regards to comments.  It may have not occurred to the webmaster, but by limiting anonymity your web site is contributing to the primary cause of the problems in America.  At the foundation of America if one looks carefully is a foundation based on anonymity and the rights of the minority to be equal to the rights of the majority.  The concept of giving equal rights to dissenting beliefs and viewpoints is the very concept that made America great.  Many believe that America is based on a democracy.  Unfortunately their beliefs are mistaken.  A democracy is the antithesis of the beliefs held by the authors of the four organic laws.  The Federal government is one of limitation and was designed to be limited and inferior to the rights of the people.  Somewhere in the past 200 years this most basic understanding has been replaced with belief that BB is parens patriae and the ever expanding role of the federal government is a cradle to grave relationship.

In conclusion, by suppressing anonymous comments on the web site and forcing guests to “register” with facebook, google, disqus and countless other self serving interests, you are inadvertently promoting the very ideology that you profess to oppose!

(Editors Note)  Thanks for pointing this out, sometimes things get overlooked, I have made adjustments and hopefully the issue has been solved. Thanks for the kind words. T.D.