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Stock Market Will Collapse In May Followed By Major Spike in Gold & Silver Prices! Here’s Why

(Lorimer WilsonThe unintended consequences of five years of QE are coming home to roost! In May or early June the stock market parabola will collapse…followed by a massive inflationary spike in commodity prices – particularly gold & silver – that will collapse the global economy. 

Connor goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

Over the next 3-4 months we are going to see the public pile into the stock market exactly like they did with tech stocks in 2000, and real estate in 2005.

NASDAQ to Test All-Time High

Make no mistake, this bull market will not be over until the NASDAQ tests it’s all time high above 5000.

Stealth Rally in Commodities Coming

Completing the final bubble phase in the stock market is the first component necessary for the Great Inflation. During this period commodities are going to start to rise in a stealth rally that everyone will ignore because they will be focused on the stock market. As can be seen in the chart below, the CRB has already broken out of its three-year downtrend.

Stock Market Crash Coming This Summer

When the crash begins the inflation stored in stocks will flow into the commodity markets. This process will be exacerbated as Yellen reverses the taper and doubles down on QE to try and reflate the stock market bubble. This will be like throwing gasoline on a fireand will drive commodity prices through the roof into the end of the year and probably the spring of 2015.

The Fed Will try to Reflate to No Avail

The Fed is going to make the exact same mistake they did during the last decade. Their easy monetary policy has produced a bubble in stocks just like it produced a bubble in real estate in 2005. When the bubble implodes the Fed will try to reflate. They won’t succeed in reflating the broken stock market parabola, but it will trigger an explosion in commodity prices. The rapid spike in commodity prices will collapse the global economy just like it did in 2008.

Precious Metals Will Rise the Most

Because the artificial and manipulated bear market of the last year has severely damaged the supply side of the market, I expect the gold and silver will be the largest beneficiaries during the Great Inflation of 2014.

By this time next year all of the Chinese/Russians/Indians, etc. who have been scooping up gold over the last year are going to look like geniuses.