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Government Documents EXPOSE FEMA Detainment List Criteria

(Sean Brown) New documents reveal the criteria used to create the “Main Core” list that our government has been compiling on Americans.

To give you a quick background, “Main Core” is a list designed to identify Americans who could be deemed a ‘terrorist’ threat both to the nation and to the government. It started with Rex 84 which was an exercise intended to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law, placing the military in charge of cities and towns across the nation. It was created in case there was an uprising in America, and the original plan was to be able to detain up to 21 million people without due process and only upon suspicion of guilt.

FEMA created the Rex 84 program and is who would be in charge of the detention of people should the plan be executed. As of 2008 there were 8 million Americans known to be on the “Main Core” list and as time has passed the criteria for being placed on it has weakened and the list has grown.

The information is gathered using the spying tools that the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other federal law enforcement agencies use to monitor our daily lives. The list contains personal information like our financial records, our beliefs, our associations, family members, etc. and all of it is analyzed to determine if we should be placed on it.