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Mysterious DHS Fusion Centers Popping Up Around US

(Lisa Haven) What are these ‘mysterious’ fusion centers popping up all across the US? According to the US Department of Homeland Security it is a place where state and local government communicate with the federal government in regards data collection. Fusion centers gather, analyze, and share data about “threat-related” information gathered on its own citizens. In turn the information is shared with local police, emergency response, public safety respondents, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners (see paragraph 1).

There are a total of 72 fusions centers located in major urban areas across the US; considering we only have 50 states, that’s more than two in some states (see paragraph 1).

These centers are owned and operated by state and local entities with support from federal partners. In other words owned and ran by the feds (see paragraph 3).

The fusion centers main concern is not international threats, but threats here at home, domestically.

“The national security enterprise must reach beyond the capabilities of the federal government and national Intelligence Community to identify and warn about impending plots that could impact the homeland, particularly when the individuals responsible for the threats operate within the United States…” (4th paragraph)

To make matters worse, they even go as far as to ask “YOU” fellow citizens—whom they themselves are collecting data on—to report suspected activity you notice from your neighbors, friends, co-workers, schools, etc. Catch 22 in my opinion. In their own words:

“A Call to Action: A Unified Message Regarding the Need to Support Suspicious Activity Reporting and Training

“To provide guidance regarding how and where to report suspicious activities, state, local, and federal agencies worked collaboratively to develop a Unified Messagethat provides clear guidance regarding how to report suspicious activities, encourages agencies to work with DHS to utilize the “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign, and emphasizes the importance of training frontline personnel.”

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As the video above revealed, not only are fusion centers spying on the masses, but they are also using drone surveillance to do so.

Furthermore these centers train, give technical assistance, exercise support, and grant security clearances to intended personnel. To date they have held a total of 300 training workshops (see 3rd & 8th  paragraph). But just who is it that these fusion centers are ‘training?’ Good question it’s a force known as the “Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTP).”  

Here is where it gets even crazier. The Joint Terrorism Task Force or JTTF, was created by and managed by the FBI. There are 103 JTTF’s across the US and more than 4,200 workers in the force. It is the task forces job to focus on terrorism related investigations. The fusion center collects the data, shares it with the JTTF, who then conducts the investigations. All the information that the JTTP conducts is shared with the federal government .

Here is a diagram showing how Fusion Centers work with the Joint Terrorist Task Force: 

Fusion Centers Joint Terrorism Task Forces
Managed by state and local authorities, and include federal, SLTT, and private sector partners from multiple disciplines (including law enforcement, public safety, fire service, emergency response, public health, and critical infrastructure) Managed by FBI, and include federal and SLTT law enforcement partners
Deal with criminal, public safety, and terrorism matters across multiple disciplines Deal primarily with terrorism matters and other criminal matters related to various aspects of the counterterrorism mission
Share information across disparate disciplines on topics such as terrorism, criminal activity, and public safety Work with SLTT partners to share critical infrastructure information with the federal government
Fusion centers add value to their jurisdictional customers by providing a state and local context to threat information and collaborate with the Federal Government to enhance the national threat picture 104 JTTFs investigate terrorism cases across the FBI’s 56 field offices and coordinate their efforts via the National Joint Terrorism Task Force, a fusion of local, state, and federal agencies acting as an integrated force to combat terrorism on a national and international scale
Serve as centers of analytic excellence to assess local implications of threat information to (1) produce actionable intelligence for dissemination to law enforcement and homeland security agencies, and (2) perform services in response to customers’ needs Primarily conduct terrorism investigations; however JTTFs share intelligence with law enforcement and homeland security agencies, as appropriate


The problem is that the fusion centers and its cohort, the JTTF, are spying on American Citizens and in my opinion illegally doing so. They care nothing for the Constitution. In fact, police across the nation have been reporting their forced involvement in such centers. Moreover they are encouraged to not only gather information, but to be ready act when the need arises….

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