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Police Stopping People To Check For DUI BEFORE They Get Behind The Wheel


(Robert Gehl) Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, have begun a program where they watch people leaving bars and nightclubs, approach them to see if they’re drunk, advise them not to drive and then pull them over for DUI if they seem intoxicated.

According to the report from WBTV, Charlotte’s CBS affiliate, the local county alcohol board – which apparently has uniformed officers – will be trolling nightclubs and bars looking for drunks.

Mary Ward, with the Mecklenburg County Alcohol Beverage Control board told the station this was a wonderful project.

“ABC officers will watch people leaving bars and establishments and stop those who appear to be drunk before they get behind the wheel,” she said. “The officer’s going to say I think you need to think about the decision you’re getting ready to make, getting behind the wheel of a car … let’s talk about finding a safe way home.”

If the suspect … er … person does not have another ride home, Mecklenburg said the officer will call them a free cab ride home. The alcohol board has set aside money to pay for cab rides home.

But it doesn’t stop there:

“The person has the right to refuse that cab ride,” the announcer said. However if they get behind the wheel of a car the officer will pull them over and go through the field sobriety test to see if they can be charged with DWI.”

Is it the police state run amok or good public safety? How is it going to impact local businesses if patrons know there are cops ready to bust them just beyond the exit?

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