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People Call For For Obama To Be “Impeached” & “Executed” During Explosive Town Hall

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(Sean Brown) Oklahoma representative Jim Bridenstine (R) held a townhall meeting recently to reach out to his constituents and someone was there taking a video, as shown above.

All across America people are becoming more outraged with this president and speaking out wherever they can, and rightfully so. He’s continually working to bypass congress and in his STOU Address proclaimed he’s going to do whatever he can to push his agenda with executive action and people are fed up with it.

Bridenstine believes Obama is “lawless”, then explained what he’s done to erode the Second Amendment, making multiple attempts to have congress pass laws and when that didn’t work he and Kerry went to the UN and signed their arms treaty. He went on to say that the Second Amendment isn’t up for debate by foreign governments, something we can all agree on.

In this video you’ll see the type of outrage I’m speaking about, people calling for Obama’s impeachment and even “execution” because he’s an “enemy combatant.” They’re outraged at both the actions of the president and the inaction of congress. The room exploded in applause when one elderly woman said we need to change the Senate so we can “impeach the SOB.”

Apparently the video was posted last week but the day it was actually shot is unknown.

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