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Could Obama Be Planning To Declare Martial Law: Government Funding FEMA Detainment Camps To House ‘Undesirables’

(Joseph R. Carducci) We all know that Obama would love to take away as many freedoms as possible. Heck, if he thought he could get away with it, he might even declare himself King. Just think back to all of the things that have happened since Obama took office. All of the scandals, invasions of privacy, and other things that are making our lives less free. Just how much further can the American people be pushed until we have had enough and start to push back? Certainly you do not think that all of his attempts at gun control to disarm the people are out of altruism?

This could be exactly the motivation that Obama has for the continued funding of numerous FEMA camps throughout the country. Heck, we have even heard our community organizer in chief speak about his proposal of ‘prolonged detention.’ He has explained that he intends to incarcerate anyone that he feels poses a threat to America and may potentially commit a crime in the future. I certainly do not want Obama defining just exactly who would be a threat to his version of America.

In 2009 a bill passed in the House, HR 645 that was to “direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations.” Yet, it seems that none of our politicians want to acknowledge these…with the exception of freedom lovers like Ron Paul who has spoken out against this.

You do understand that FEMA has been assimilated into the Department of Homeland Security, right? This means that in the case of a national emergency or the declaration of martial law, FEMA would report and answer directly to the president. Therefore, FEMA actually has the right to suspend constitutional rights and detain people indefinitely. Hmmm, could be an excellent tool for Obama to implement his prolonged detention ideas.

In fact, these FEMA camps have been, and are being, built all over the country. Obama has ordered this construction and to get it done as quickly as possible. There is speculation that there are as many as 100 of these camps. FEMA has already divided the country into 10 different zones. This all seems a little excessive for helpful centers that are designed to be used in times of natural disasters, right?

Plus, consider the fact that all of these FEMA facilities have several layers of fencing and all have barbed wire at the top, pointing towards the inside of the fence. Why would this be needed if you were just helping people…why be afraid that someone might get out? There are also electronically operated turnstiles guarding the single entry point and cameras closely watching these supposedly empty sites.

I am not one to go in for conspiracy theories, but I think it is safe to assume that questions need to be asked about all this. Sure, maybe there are good reasons for the building of these facilities. Maybe Obama really is sincere about his program of prolonged detention…but inquiring minds want to know more.

By the way, take a look at this site to learn more about these camps…and find the one closest to you!

What do YOU think about all this? Could Obama possibly be preparing for declaring martial law? If this happens, do you think he would have any qualms about holding Americans hostage that he deems a threat to his agenda?

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