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Muslims Murder Bakers By Baking Them In Their Own Ovens

(Theodore Shoebat) Muslims in Iraq murdered a number of people who worked in a bakery by cooking them in their own own ovens. One Iraqi resident, Muhammad Al-Said, said:

The situation was terrible – with killing, atrocities, and fear as the background. Unidentified armed men came into town, but it was obvious that they were Jabhat al-Nusra militants …The worst crime they committed was that they toasted people in ovens used to bake bread when those people came to buy it. They kidnapped and beat up many.

Watch this video in which it is explained that Muslims in Iraq recently murdered a number of employees at a bakery by cooking them in their own ovens:

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The Germans had Jews burned in ovens, and now the Muslims are doing this to their enemies. Will you do nothing, as the majority of people did nothing during the Holocaust?

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