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The Kardashians Celebrate Kristmas With Dismembered Mannequins And Bruce Jenner in a Tube

(Robyn Pennacchia) Perhaps I am not the best judge of “family picture” style Christmas cards. Quite frankly, I think it is impossible to make one that isn’tcreepy looking and disconcertingly vain-seeming. I would never presume that anyone else would appreciate a photograph of my family wearing matching outfits. Plus, they always show those cards on “48 Hours” and “Dateline” when they’re talking about the happy, wonderful life of someone who was brutally and mysteriously murdered. No thanks!

However, this year’s Kardashians Kristmas Kard is even more disturbing than most. Normally I like the things that David LaChappelle does, butf I cannot even tell what is supposed to be going on here. In the section of it above (the thing is huge) there’s like, a bunch of disembodied mannequins, and the pyramid from the dollar bill, and a breastfeeding naked African lady, and magazines all over the place. What does it all mean? What’s with the hats?

Then, on the other half…

Untitled1 e1386003246814 The Kardashians celebrate Kristmas with dismembered mannequins and Bruce Jenner in a tube

There’s like, a small dead child and Bruce Jenner in a tube. And I think a dead Academy Award? I am not sure. There’s like, way the hell too much going on here. Are they supposed to be in some frightening, dystopic movie theater? How does that make sense? They’re not in movies, they’re on television! Who is that blonde mannequin supposed to be, and why is Bruce Jenner in a tube next to a one-armed mannequin wearing a medal?

It is all very confusing. Although it is totally possible that I am just not deep enough to get any of this. Any art majors wanna take a stab?