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Joe Barton: Obamacare Not HIPAA Compliant; Contractor Lost For Words

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(Thomas Dishaw)  Republican Representative Joe Barton grills a CMS Government contractor over hidden source code that Obamacare applicants can’t see , essentially signing over all personal privacy rights.

“You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transmitting or  stored on this information system”  cried Barton, reading directly from the Obamacare source code. The code that applicants can’t see  is a direct contradiction to HIPAA, A bill signed by President Clinton in 1996, awarding citizens new and stringent  regulations regarding personal privacy.

The embarrassment advanced  for almost 5 minutes as Mrs Campbell continued to protect her corporate handlers at CMS taking no responsibility for the HIPAA law being broken. Campbell who struggles to find an ounce of integrity illustrates her allegiance to a big brother society, even denouncing  her own personal protections to protect the corporation.