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WARNING: America’s Next False Flag

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(Thomas Dishaw)  This is a dire warning to every freedom loving American.  Get prepared, the Obama Administration is laying the ground work for the next “false flag.”

Most of you understand false-flags to be associated with violence and a precursor to damning legislation that destroys many liberties we take for granted.

With the 9/11 attacks considered by many as the grandfather off all false-flags. We have become complacent as American citizens letting powerful legislation destroy basic freedoms.

The next false-flag will not be one of violence, but one of ideas, information, and a not so free internet.

Everyday we log on to the internet where information is shared freely and mostly uncensored.  We get alternative views from many different sources and have endless avenues to find the truth,  all at the touch of a button.

Today alternative news is dwarfing all major media outlets, with Networks ratings at an all time low . It’s a sad day in America when Bill O’Reilly’s White House talking points get the highest ratings every night. So how does the Government plan to fix this?

The Internet Kill Switch S3480

On Friday July 6th 2012 Obama signed another executive order titled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions”. This semi-secret order was signed strategically after the Independence day holiday last year, knowing most Americans would be too busy with summer cook-outs to even garner the attention this order deserves.

Unbeknownst  to the American people we have handed over all  private communication systems such as radio, TV, and internet to the Government, which gives the President the power to shut down any of these frequencies when deemed necessary.

As Government approval rating fall to all time lows the control of information is critical to keep the population under control. Day by day people are waking up in masses to Government lies and corruption. To counter this awakening the Pentagon is policing the internet looking for “extremest political activity.”  What is the definition of extremest political activity?  There isn’t one!  But don’t worry, its broad enough to get  every activist and alternative news source labeled as a threat and possibly even shut  down in the name of terrorism.

The Future Of The Internet

First the Government has to manufacture a threat. Hiring hackers to access your financial records and empty the starving middle class bank accounts would be all they need to get everyone to support the creation of a new more secure internet. One where facial recognition and thumbprints will be the only way you could access bank transactions, bill pay, video games, porn and music.

With a new infrastructure in place corporations such as Time Warner, Comcast, Microsoft and Google will introduce subdomains that will replace domains we have been so accustomed to. For example a website like  will now look something like this www.Internet2/drudgereport.  These domains will be subject to high scrutiny and censorship after content is ran thru US Government supercomputers looking for keywords that will detect any negative ramblings about the Government or geo political issues labeled as threats.

Today the internet is free. Tomorrow we  may wake up  and see one of the biggest changes in human history, a New Internet, where information is censored, history is rewritten and global taxes are  lining the bank accounts of corporations that control the information.

Thankfully we still have control of the information. The internet is often labeled as the wild wild west and global elites are calling for a new set of  rules to police an area of our lives they haven’t found a way to control.

Don’t take for granted the freedoms we have. Once they control the internet they control the information. Be prepared to recognize the false-flag when it occurs and stop at nothing to expose it.


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