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Feinstein: All The Police Support My Gun Ban

(Joe Schoffstall)  Yesterday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC pushing for an assault weapons ban and said that Americans need to make a decision “If personal pleasure is more important that general welfare.” She also said that “all the police” support her bill.

Sen. Feinstein claimed to have garnered rampant support for the weapons ban:

“Our support is very broad. The White House has been very good. They’ve been very clear. I think we’ve got all the police, we have all the mayors virtually. The Conference of mayors, Mayors Against Guns; we have medical experts. We have virtually dozens of religious organizations of every creed supporting us. We have just lists and lists. I’ve put together a little booklet that contains the basics on the bill, as well as a list of the endorsers.

However, recently reported that a growing number of the nation’s sheriffs are standing up against gun control measures proposed by the Obama Administration and Sen. Feinstein. Many of these law enforcement officials have written letters to both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden voicing their concerns over what they consider to be an infringement upon the Second Amendment.

Feinstein also responded to comments made by the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre over the weekend about the senator’s “assault” on the Second Amendment.

“I don’t really expect to agree with much Mr. LaPierre says. Of course, he has the right to say it and I have the right to do this. I’ve tried to do it carefully. We have 22 co-sponsors, I recognize it’s an uphill battle. I also know these events are going to continue – America has to step up. The mothers, the women, the men of America have to make a decision as to whether their personal pleasure is more important than the general welfare.

“Grievance killers look for these weapons. These weapons are easy to obtain. There are no background checks, you can buy them out of a back of a car at a gun show. America’s laws are virtually non-existent and therefore I think this is a good bill. I intend to fight; I did it once before. If it doesn’t get done right now, be assured I will continue to press the case.”

She also called the NRA a “volatile” organization that assaults people who go against them: “So, we will be making our argument. It’s very difficult to go against the NRA, because they are volatile, they assault one. We are making our arguments and I hope America will stand up and say ‘enough is enough.'”

This story first appeared @ cnsnews

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