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The Intriguing Story Of Rogue FBI Agent Stephen Iven

(John G Kays)  FBI agent Stephen Ivens, 35, takes off from his Burbank home on Friday, apparently distraught about some undetermined issue (at this point). The FBI and the Los Angeles County Sheriff`s Department are engaged in a massive manhunt (the largest in 20 years) for this disconcerted FBI agent Stephen Ivens, who is possibly suicidal (and is carrying his handgun with him). This is very serious business, and yet a spokesman for the FBI Steve Gomez) is keeping the tone gentle to soften the seriousness of what`s behind all of this.

The search for this rogue agent, from what I`ve read in reliable articles, is mainly in the Verdugo Mountains; agent Ivens is said to be an outdoorsman and enjoyed hiking. The search is being conducted in other areas as well, such as Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Studio City, and the Sherman Oaks area (Studio City Patch – Missing Despondent FBI Agent Sought in Hills, Have You Seen Him? by Mike Szymanski). My take from this information provided as to the whereabouts of Stephen Ivens, is that he could be just about anywhere imaginable.

While this unusual disappearance of what appears to be a very important FBI agent (in the hierarchy of this federal law enforcement institution) is downplayed by these highly skilled media experts (the spokespersons), I`m seeing past this, or reading between the lines (you might say). A lightbulb just came on in my mind! This is extremely serious; is our national security at stake? Has it somehow been compromised? Well, I`m not convinced of that, but I sense nonetheless, something BIG is going down here!

If you`re anything like me, the more they say we can`t know what it is that Stephen Ivens was working on, the more our curiosity is piqued, and the more we want to know what it is. We hear he was involved in national security, but that is general, what type of national security? Yea, the more they try to keep it a secret, by publicly promulgating it`s Top Secret (which has it`s own intrinsic twist of irony to it), the more the info-hungry instincts of a news reporter (in me) kick in, in a troubling way.

Okay, so Steve Gomez let slip just a morsel more of coveted data when speaking to the cameras. As we know, Ivens was engaged in national security matters, but then he got more specific, it`s  `counterterrorism matters`. So we`re kind of getting at it, but not exactly at it. So, what compromised Mister Ivens? Did he make a mistake when working in the field? Why is he so down on himself? Was it possibly personal? I sense it was work related (obviously, I`m speculating).

We also hear, Ivens had been with the FBI for 3 years and had formerly been a Los Angeles police officer for 8 years. His record in law enforcement appears to be impeccable (on the surface). I`m sure reporters will be giving this issue a more thorough probing over the next few days. Not that they will be capable of compromising the data banks of the FBI, since this agent was working in sensitive areas, that are not subject to any open-records type of policy.

And so we are forced to read the tea leaves of what may have happened to Stephen Ivens. We suspect he must be a thick skinned individual, or else he would never have gotten this all important job in national security, encompassing counterterrorism matters. This is what raises more red flags. Who got to him? How did they get to him? Why? Did he believe he`d made a grievous error in the field, or that he failed his country somehow? I will say, the more they try to subdue or mute the intensity of this story, the more intense it comes across to millions of those watching!